The Marine Biologist

Elaine’s firm, Pendant Publishing, is courting a Russian author, Yuri Testikov. Upon hearing Elaine’s electronic organizer (given to her by Kramer), beep repeatedly, he angrily tosses it out of the window of the limousine they were sharing. The organizer hits a woman in the head while she is walking down the street. Elaine wants Testikov to pay for the woman’s medical bill, so she and Jerry go to confront him in his hotel room. Elaine carries a tape recorder in her bag. Testikov hears a noise and thinks they are spying on him; he reacts by throwing the tape recorder out the window, hitting the same woman in the head while she waits outside to return the electronic organizer.

Concepts: externality

Source: Seinfeld

Season: 5

Disc: 3